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verb_impulsion in verb_decants

Frequently Asked Questions.

Hopefully this will answer many of your questions.

Who the hell are you?
Oh Hi. My name is Katherine, I am currently 20 years old and located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. That means I'm constantly cold and there's a high probability that I own a Ski-doo and live in an igloo.

Why do you run decant circles?
- It's tons of fun and allows me to fulfill my childhood fantasies of becoming a scientist.
- I like making people happy, and it lets me pass the bpal love around.
- I have first-hand access to a lot of scents for minimal monetary cost.
- I love shopping for trinkets to include as extras.

How reliable are you? I don't want to get screwed over, etc.
My feedback on the forum is here: http://feedback.bpal.org/censura.php?cmd=details&itemid=11274, and it's been generally an excellent experience.

What's your decant calendar look like?
So far, it looks like this (strikethrough means they're ordered, [o] denotes an open circle, everything is subject to change/reorganized/etc):
- Lupercalia and Salon 2008 COMPLETE!
- Carnaval Diabolique: Act II COMPLETE!
- TAL Circles: Part One - Love, Lust and Beauty & Joy and Inspiration COMPLETE!
- Carnaval Diabolique: Act III & Snake Pit [o] COMPLETE!
- Black Phoenix Trading Post - GC soaps [o] COMPLETE!
- TAL Circles: Part Two - Crossing, Binding and Controlling; Prosperity, Success and Good Fortune; & Purification, Protection and Uncrossing [o] COMPLETE!
- TAL Circles: Part Three - Utility Blends [o] COMPLETE!
- Black Phoenix Trading Post - Atmospheric and Linen Sprays [o] COMPLETE!
- The Salon: Exhibit I [o]
- TAL Circles: Part Four - Planetary Magick, Temple Blends & Ceremonial Oils, Rites of Passage [o] COMPLETE!
- Steampunk Scents [o] COMPLETE!
- TAL Circles: Part Five - Unreleased Blends [o]
- Good Omens, Stardust, American Gods, & Anansi Boys [o] COMPLETE!
- The Salon: Exhibit II
- The Salon: Exhibit III
- Halloweenies
- BPTP - Halloweenies soaps
- November/December:
- Yules
- BPTP - Yule Soaps
If you have any requests or suggestions, feel free to make them in a comment here or email me at verb_impulsion@yahoo.ca.

How do you price your decants?
I take the price of the bottle, after counting in the shipping cost from the lab to me, and divide it by 6 (for the 6 spots in each bottle). I then add the cost of the imp vial, share of pipette, and round it up to the nearest $0.25 mark.
Sometimes, as with lunacies, the cost of each bottle (after shipping to Canada) gives too large a number to provide cheap decants. Therefore, as much as I'd love to run lunacy circles, if they are only a few bottles in the lunacy update, and it's not in conjunction with any of my other circles, then I unfortunately cannot run these circles.

How do you package your decants?
The lab oils are decanted into small glass vials with wand caps, which are identical to the ones the lab uses for their imps. They are affixed with flag labels, with the oils name and the lab's name on one side, and the notes, date of decanting, and decanter's name on the back.
Your decants are then placed in small zip-lock baggies, bubble wrapped once, and placed in a bubble mailer.

What can I expect in terms of turn-around time?
Shipping for semi-large objects from the US to Canada, in my experience, takes generally a week and a half to two weeks. Add that to the lab's general production time of 3 weeks, and you've got yourself a bit of a wait. However, I try my best to decant, pack, and ship within two days of the bottles arriving at my doorstep, so hopefully that reduces some waiting time for you.

What sort of extra goodies do you include in your packages?
I can't tell you, it'll spoil the fun. However, I do try my best to include frimps in your packages. Usually, the lab frimps us enough to pass the love around, but if not, I try and make it up with other sorts of goodies.

Sounds cool. How do I join?
Just leave a comment in any open circle with the decants you want, your location, and the kind of payment you are using (cc or non-cc paypal).

How do I pay you?
I only take payment via cc or non-cc Paypal, and all costs are in USD. I cannot take echecks, pirate gold, or your grandmother's really good chili sauce. Well, maybe if it's REALLY good chili sauce. If you are paying via cc paypal, unfortunately I'll have to add a paypal fee of $0.30 plus 3.9% (standard paypal fee for credit card payments). I know, it sucks, but if I really cannot afford to eat the fees without raising individual decant prices, so I'd rather charge people individually.
I cannot swap you when it comes to decant circles, as that means money fronted by me, and I'm not comfortable agreeing on something I don't yet have. However, if you do have something I'm really, really interested in, we can always work something out. Remember that any extras from my circles will be posted in my regular sales post, located here: http://verb-impulsion.livejournal.com/69418.html.

Can I request empty/extra bottles?
Unfortunately, you cannot. Canada Post's maximum thickness for a package is 2cm, and so an empty bottle will throw off the shipping cost by a lot. If you are looking for an empty bottle, I recommend any of the other fantastic decanters in our community. An exception will always be made if you are willing to pay the ~$5$9.26CAD (lol Canada Post) cost to ship these suckers, or if you're located in Toronto and are willing to meet up with me.

How can I keep track of your circles, and how can I be notified if you've got a new circle up?
I frequently pimp my circles in the major BPAL communities, like sinandsalvation, but the best way to know first-hand when my circles go up is to join the community, as any updates I make will automatically show up on your friends list.

Do you have any general expectations of your circle participants?
I live on feedback. I thrive on feedback. You know how authors love reviews? That's right, I love feedback. Please, please, PLEASE give me feedback.
Other than that, I'm generally an easy-going person. I do believe in abundance of communication though. I will post updates as soon as I get them from the lab/myself, and I encourage my circle participants to return the favour and be communicative throughout the process. Payment for circles, unless previously arranged otherwise, are expected within 24 hours. I would also encourage you to leave me a quick comment when you receive your package.

What is the best way to contact you?
Email me at verb_impulsion@yahoo.ca, or leave me a comment in any of my posts.

You are so cool. Will you be my girlfriend?
I AM cool, and I will not be your girlfriend. But at least you will smell nice.


Just poking around your circles today as I updated my feedback. Do you have these extras sitting listed somewhere? I'm sure there are more than a few things I might be interested in...
I do have extras sitting in places! :D I've my ebay auctions listed here: http://search.ebay.ca/_W0QQfgtpZ1QQfrppZ25QQsassZl6l803399 and my general sales page here: http://verb-impulsion.livejournal.com/69418.html