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TAL Part V: Unreleased But Available Blends!

AUGUST 19TH, 3:16AM EST - All the participants who sent their address to me by this time have had their refunds issued. That said, I still need word from the following two peeps:
ka_crow - $21.50
fairnymph - $31.00

AUGUST 17TH UPDATE: I originally typed this in the Paypal comments section, but it only let me enter 300 characters, so I'm posting this here:

Hey there everyone,

I'm terribly sorry, but I'll have to cancel this circle. It has been delayed beyond reasonable time, due to both my health issues at the beginning of July (feel free to swim over to my personal journal to see), as well as our lacking of enough funds to order the circle. It has come to the time that I feel that this delay in ordering is incredibly unfair to all of you, and it would be unreasonable to be holding all of your money in limbo. In addition, I am beginning my fourth and final year of my undergraduate schooling soon, and I cannot devote the time, care and energy that decanting (especially decanting something like the TALs) deserves.

I will be refunding all of your money asap for this circle, and if there is any unbalancing of funds at all (sometimes my math is wonky), please let me know. Most of you will be receiving refunds from l6l803399@yahoo.ca. I'm sorry about all of this, and hope you all have loads of fun in future decanting circles!

If you have ordered Carnaval Diabolique decants from me, those will go out asap :)


P.S.: If you haven't received your refund yet, and your name is below, it's because I've mysteriously misplaced your Paypal email address. Please send your addy to verb_impulsion@yahoo.ca, along with your lj screename, and I will issue a prompt refund to you.
If your name is not below, it's because I have no record of you paying. If you seem to remember paying me, please send me the transaction link/screencap, since often Paypal forgets to send me email alerts and thus you remain marked as "unpaid".

Peeps that have paid but I haven't issued a refund to:
ka_crow - 21.50
fairnymph - 31.00
tuesdaynexxt - 35.75(refundeded!)
contrary_wise - 15.75 (refundeded!)
sagerie - 21.50 (refundeded!)
sarasa25 - 31.00(refundeded!)
cheshirecat1959 - 21.50(refundeded!)

Sorry for the delay! :D

This is part five of my TAL Circles, covering the Unreleased But Available Blends. At the two-week mark, I will close the bottles with no interest, in order to make the order earlier.
The circle will be ordered when it's 5/6 full.

*NOTE* Due to the nature of these oils, utmost care and respect will be taken in the handling and decanting of them. If you are familiar with how to properly handle these oils, please feel free to tell me. ETA: This is a great starting point to familiarize yourself with chakra points: http://www.backtothesource.co.uk/img/chakradiagram.png

Canada - 1-20 imps: $1.50 | 21-40 imps: $2.50
U.S. - 1-20 imps: $2.50| 21-40 imps: $3.50
International - 1-20 imps: $4.00 | 21-40 imps: $6.50

Decants are $4.75 each.
Fine Print & Bottles Below.Collapse )


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Hi I'll take

CC paypal to international

Hi there! Your total for the seven decants will be $39.07 to verb_impulsion@yahoo.ca please :)
Hey I posted in your sales post, wanting some imps. Let me know how much in total with the TAL decants. I'll like to combine shipping for both
I got your message, and I replied to it :)
Heya hun, just wondering if you were still interested in the decants?
It looks like I may be too late, but if you happen to have an extra decant of Arabian Nights for some reason, I'd love to buy it! :)
Alrighty, I'll let you know :D
Edit: Removing request; I found the decants elsewhere since I didn't get a response. Thanks, though!

Edited at 2008-06-22 08:19 pm (UTC)
Heya :) Sorry I didn't reply on time - I've been insanely busy and missed your post, hope you have tons of fun with the new circle :D :)
No problem - I'll be back for the next one! :)
Can I have Elegba, Temple: witches, 2 monies and 2 graveyard dirts?

(that's 6 :) )

If I can have the bottles/remainders of graveyard dirt and Elegba, I'll close out those bottles.

Edited at 2008-06-25 12:41 am (UTC)
You certainly can have the bottles/remainders of Graveyard Dirt and Elegba, plus a decant of Temple:Witches and 2 Monies - though I'd have to charge you a tad more on shipping ($10), as Canada Post is silly and it charges me quite a bit for packages over 2cm in thickness.

However, I can charge you $34, instead of $38, for the 8 "decants" of Graveyard Dirt and Elegba (if you chose for me to leave the oil in the bottle), then you can save a bit on that.

Please let me know what you think :)
oil in bottles! You will make my SW one Squeeing lady! *squee*

(oh, me too, apparently!)

If there are spots open, I'd love to have:

Nine Muses
Showers of Gold
Graveyard Dirt
Helping Hand
Chaos Magick - do you know what this is for? Can't find a review.

Thanks :)
Heya hun, I have everything except for Graveyard Dirt and LaFlamme - did you want to pick anything else in their place? Also, I don't know what Chaos Magick is for, though I imagine the TALs are flexible in terms of their purpose, and it's really up to the person using the oil.
I think I'll go with the following:

Nine Muses
Helping Hand
Showers of Gold

cc paypal. Thanks :)
Heya hun, sorry about the late reply - I've been under the weather, and just as I got better, I got bitten by a bug :P

In any case, I can definitely put you down for those four decants, and your total will be $22.68 please :)
Heya hun - due to various reasons, I'll have to cancel this circle and refund everyone's money (I posted a detailed explanation in an update to this post), but I don't have your email in order to issue your refund. Would you mind sending it to verb_impulsion@yahoo.ca, along with your lj screenname, and I'll get it to you asap? Thanks :)
I'm really sorry to do this, but I needed these oils for my SW box. It seems like they won't be able to be here in time, so I was wondering if it would be possible for me to back out of this circle?

Aww, I'm terribly sorry to hear that! Did you want to pick anything up for yourself, at all?
I'm sorry -- it was all going for my witchee :( If it would be too terrible, yeah, I would like to get a refund. I'm really sorry and feel like a total ass for it.
Oh, and I forgot to add - if not, I'd be more than happy to refund your payment :)
I ordered some leftover decants from other circles
temple: druidic
sexual energy
Rites of Passage: Bildungsroman.

You've refunded my money in full including for these decants. I would like to still grab them if that is possible please?

Heya hun - I had to paw through my huge drawer full of leftover decants, and I found the baggie for you :) You can still grab them, let me know where you're located and what kind of payment you are using :)
I'm in Australia and payment is funded by my paypal balance :)

Thank you
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