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The Miskatonic Valley Junior Baseball Association 2008 Season Spring Training Scent!

MAY 13TH: Everything was sent out today! *collapses* I apologize for the longer wait :D
Please let me know when you receive your package!

MAY 10TH: The package is here! I'm decanting this circle plus the linen sprays, and I'll update when I get all the packages out :)

APRIL 30TH:We can has CNS! Track track track: CJ169520839US.


I woke up this morning and this was up, and I was like WUT.

Canada - $1.50
U.S. - $2.50
International - $4.00

Decants are $4.25 each.

My feedback on the forum is here: http://feedback.bpal.org/censura.php?cmd=details&itemid=11274
Also, check out my FAQ, with decanting calendar, here: http://community.livejournal.com/verb_decants/2118.html

Fine Print:
- My non-cc paypal address is verb_impulsion@yahoo.ca, my cc paypal address is zhengkatherine@yahoo.ca. Please tell me which method you're using to pay, so I can give you an adequate rate.
- I use zip-lock baggies, bubble wrap, as well as padded mailers.
- I like to include extras. Please notify me if you are allergic/don't like anything.
- Unfortunately, you cannot request an empty bottle. It exceeds the maximum thickness for my packages, which messes up my shipping fees.
- Sorry, I can't do add-on bottles at the moment, since I don't know how much the shipping is per bottle. The only exception is if you're located in Toronto, Ontario (or willing to come down here) and we can arrange a pick-up.
- Similarly, if you're located in or near Toronto, Ontario, and want to save on shipping, I'm sure we can work something out with pick-ups and such - saves me the cost of a mailer! =)

PLEASE put the circle name and your LJ username in your paypal title, and your wanted decants, as well as any additional notes, in the comments. It allows the circle to run smoothly.

PLEASE include your location and which method of payment (cc or non-cc paypal) you are using in your comments.

Miskatonic Valley Junior Baseball Association's Spring Training 2008 scent
Peanut Brittle Caramel Popcorn

claudiag - Add-on bottle.
ethaisa - Add-on bottle.

Payments Owed:

Payments Received:


Mememe please? :D cc paypal please.

Also, I'm in Toronto too (well, close to Toronto). Please email me at koalajoe (at) gmail (d0t)com for details? If possible I'd like to order a bottle for pick up; if not I'll stick to decant and pay for shipping :)
Heya! I'll have to see how much shipping is for an additional bottle, so I'll email the lab about that. In the mean time, I can put you down for one decant, just so you've got the spot :)
Sounds good! I'll wait for your reply then :)
Y'ello, if you'd like to pick up a bottle, your share of shipping will be $2.50. Let me know what you think! :)
Hi there! Sorry to make you go through all the trouble... may I get a decant and I'll pay for shipping instead? Some expenses came up and I have to take care of them before smelly goody ;o;

But now I have paypal fund instead of cc paypal :) So, $5.75US to verb_impulsion (at)yahoo (dot) ca? :)
That's no problem at all :) I got your payment, thanks so much! I'll keep everyone updated through this post!
I'm in for a decant :) Non-CC PayPal to the US
Awesome :D Your total will be $6.75 to verb_impulsion@yahoo.ca please :)
Yay! I want a decant of this stuff. XD Non-cc paypal for me to the US.
Yaaay! Your total will be $6.75 to verb_impulsion@yahoo.ca please :)
Awesome, just sent it. Thanks!
Got it, thanks so much! I'll keep everyone updated through this post.
Hey hon, I got your package today and it looks like the cap of the imp broke...oil everywhere! ;-;
Oh no! *headdesks* I'm so sorry! :( Did the lid come off, or something else? I don't have any more of the oil, so I'm going to try and send you another replacement :(
It looks like the lid cracked near the lip of the bottle. I still got to smell it and use a bit (there was a smidge left in the bottle), at least. But that would be most kind of you! :)
I'm terribly sorry that that happened - if you want, you can choose something from here http://verb-impulsion.livejournal.com/69418.html (my sales journal) to send you, or I can choose some replacement imps for you :)
*looks* Oooh, I've actually always wanted to try Faiza, the Black Mamba, if you still have that left. :3
I do still have that left :) I'll get the package out to you on Saturday at the latest.
Aww, thank you so much, hon! I really appreciate it. :)
You're very welcome, and sorry again for the spilled imp! :D
Heya! Sorry, but I deleted my Paypal transaction histories and I don't have your address on file - could you please send it to verb_impulsion@yahoo.ca? :D
Sent! :D Thanks.
I'd like one, please! US/CC. And I'm going to go jump on the Neil Gaiman circle too, so I was hoping you could combine shipping?
You can definitely combine shipping! Just tack on another $4.25 to the Gaiman payment, thanks!
yay! paid! thanks!
Got it! Thank you :)
Hmm.. if you can't fill it up, I'd be willing to buy the entire second bottle. Either way, I'm definitely in for a decant!
Ooh, *dances* That would be SO awesome. Although, where are you located? Just because Canada Post is absolute crap when it comes to sending bottles - they charge >$9 for just one.

I could, however, give you the last 6 decants for the price of one bottle...so $19.50 plus shipping for 6, if I don't fill the slots? What do you think?
I'm in Montreal, so shipping for a bottle should be around $7. I don't mind paying for it :)
Okay, cool, that'll be awesome :D I'll see what the shipping is exactly, since I sent something to...Calgary, I think? last time, and it was $9.25 :( But Montreal is much closer to Toronto, which should help with the shipping :D
Sounds good. I'm ready to send paypal whenever you say so :)
Hmm, did you want to grab the decant or the entire bottle? if you wanted the bottle, I'll re-arrange your name :D And if you could send me say, $19.50 for the bottle itself now, to verb_impulsion@yahoo.ca (if you've got non-cc paypal), I'll let you know how much shipping is once everything gets here :)
I'll take the bottle. Non-cc paypal, sending now :)
Cool awesome, I got your payment! :D *dances* I'll keep everyone updated through this post.
Hi there! I'll send off your bottle on Saturday, as I ran out of mailers and I wanted to super-pad your bottle for shipping :P
No worries :) I'm in Denver every week from Monday to Friday anyway, so I'm not in a rush to get it.
Thanks for being so understanding! *HUGS*
I would love to join in on this. I can do non-cc pay pal. Thanks!
and I am in the US
Alrighty :D Your total will be $6.75 to verb_impulsion@yahoo.ca please :)
Do you have a space left for this or no? :D
I just filled this up yesterday, sorry! :D