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APRIL 14TH: Time for ze revealing of winners!
We had 43 wonderful participants this time around, with 43 great ideas, but there can only be four winners! And the randomly generated winners (seriously, I used this thing: http://www.mdani.demon.co.uk/para/random.htm) are:

FIRST PRIZE: dangerpronered Address gotten!
SECOND PRIZE: sharonapple Address gotten!
THIRD PRIZE: rovylern Address Gotten!
FOURTH PRIZE: mooneyblue Address Gotten!


So, if you're a winner, please send me your address along with your lj username to verb_impulsion@yahoo.ca, so I know who's who :D Thanks to everyone who participated! *GROUP HUG* I hope that even if you were the ones who didn't win, you'd go through with your plans of paying it forward :) And do not despair, there are lots of Sweepstakes to come :)

MONDAY MORNING ETA: I've read all the entries so far, and thank you to everyone who thought that this was a good idea :D I'm not replying in your individual threads for organizational purposes, but all your jokes are hella funny! Keep them coming! :D


You can find v1.0 here: http://community.livejournal.com/sinandsalvation/3753832.html

Ooh, a sweepstakes. What's up?
I have various decant circle leftovers, and I will be happy to pass them on to you. I will have four prizes available, and after a week of this post being open (Until midnight next Sunday, the 13th of April [the end of the day on Sunday, just so we're clear]), I will randomly generate 4 numbers using an online-based random numbers generator to draw 4 names, and I will send you your prizes.

v1.0's first prize winner never contacted me, so the package is up again for grabs.

So what's being offered?

FIRST PRIZE: 21 partial Decants, One sticker.
Your package will include:
- 20 partial decants of all of the scents from the 2008 Lupercalia Update;
- 1 partial decant of Earth Rat (offered in 2008);
- 1 Snake Oil sticker.

SECOND PRIZE: 19 partial Decants, One sticker.
Your package will include:
- 19 partial decants of selected Prosperity, Success and Fortune and Purification, Protection and Uncrossing oils from the Twilight Alchemy Lab;
- 1 Snake Oil sticker.

THIRD PRIZE: 11 partial Decants, One Sticker.
Your package will include:
- 11 partial decants of all the Joy & Inspiration oils from the Twilight Alchemy Lab;
- 1 Funky round sticker from BPTP.

FOURTH PRIZE: 14 partial Decants, Two wrappers.
Your package will include:
- 14 partial decants of selected Crossing, Binding & Controlling and Love, Lust & Beauty oils from the Twilight Alchemy Lab;
- Soap wrappers of Egg Nog and El Dia de Reyes - soap is not included!

*Partial decants can range from a testable sniffy to 3/4 of an imp. The majority of decants are 1/4 full.

OMG this is so cool. Wait...what's the catch?
Good question. The catch is, YOU MUST GIVE ME YOUR SOUL MUAHAHAif you are one of the people who win a prize, you MUST pay-it-forward through acts of kindness to others in your community - be it global, local, or online.
Here are some suggestions on how to pay-it-forward:
- Clean out your closet and donate the clothes that you don't wear to goodwill;
- Volunteer your time at your local community center, food bank, homeless shelter, etc;
- Donate $10 to your favourite charity;
- If you are comfortable with the idea, and you are physically able to, donate blood to your local blood bank;
- Carry $10 in change and give it to the next few homeless people/street performers you see;
- Volunteer with your school/workplace to orientate new students/workers/etc;
- Send out medium-sized (say, 10 imps) starter packages to a few BPAL newbies.
- The possibilities are endless! WEEE!

Other than that, the entry and prizes are completely free of charge, and anyone (experienced BPALers and newbies alike) is welcome to join.

Obviously, I cannot police you on whether you fulfill your promises or not, but I hope that this will inspire you to help others in your community (as well as be a great weight on your consciousness if you do not, muaha).

How do I enter?
Leave a comment with the country (can be anywhere in the world) you are located in, and what you plan to do if you win one of the packages. Also, (this is not necessary) leave me an amusing joke. I love amusing jokes. Like this one:
How does an elephant get down from a tree?

It sits on a leaf and waits till autumn.

Because we can all use some kindness in our lives.


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I'd love to enter! I'm in the US.
PIF stuff:
I already donate clothes, toys, etc. to the local domestic violence shelter at least twice a year, and I'll continue to do so as long as they're still willing to take it.
I enable even people I don't know with Chagrin Valley soaps (I sent out five packages from a discussion on a stupid_free post once).
I volunteer with my kiddo's school and afterschool program.
I work at a non-profit helping displaced homemakers and single or struggling parents, and my program runs a support group for women and a free daycare service that is unique in our area.
And I make my kid do a service project each year; this year, she has requested that people donate books to a local organization in lieu of gifts at her birthday party.

Silly joke:
Why did the chicken cross the road?
To show the armadillo that it was possible.
I'm not entering this contest since I won in your last one, but I just wanted to say you're awesome for doing these!
:) *hugs*

Did you get your other package safely?
Woo hoo! I liked the idea of v.1. I plan on paying it forward by doing more for the environment (walk, carpool, take a bus).

Joke: Why does a chicken coop have two doors?
Because if it had four, it would be a chicken sedan.

I will volunteer at the local non-profit wildlife research stations!
Wow! This is sooo cool!

I am in the U.S. and will make up at least three gift packs and send them to random folks on my f-list who could use some sunshine, including bpal, candy, stationary, small gifts.

I also am on bookmooch.com and I will donate 10 points to a women's shelter/prison library so they can have books they want to read.

Thank you for doing this. Now I am going to go and do these things anyway because it does make the world brighter (and makes me feel good too).
Hi, I'd like to enter this. (Those TAL imps are calling to me.)

Country: USA
Pay it forward: donation to ACLU

Joke: What game do elephants like to play most?

A: Squash.
I'd love to enter!

I donate every time i pass a charity. I don't see many homeless people and the like, but most of the time if i have change in my pocket or even a dollar or two i'll donate.
Hi! USA here, and if I win one I'll give an equivalent number of imps to a newbie who hasn't gotten addicted "enabled" yet. XD I've got about half a dozen locals on my yet-to-be-assaulted plot list too...
Thanks for doing this! PIF: We donate 3 things per person in our family monthly to the Salvation Army. I just sent donations to two cancer-related charities in the names of a friend and a family member who recently passed away. I'll do a random act of kindness this month for someone who needs it.

Joke: What's a pirate's favorite socks?


ETA: I'm in the U.S.

Edited at 2008-04-07 03:09 am (UTC)
I'd like to enter, please. :D I'm in the U.S., and my pay-it-forward charity will be to send imps to newbs, and if I have the money, I'll donate to the animal shelter that my family used to rescue cats from. ^_^

I don't have a joke, unfortunately, but I do have an icon of Jack Harkness. That has to count for something, right? :D?
I will donate $25 to Kiva.org.
This one I would like to enter. I will P-I-F with my Red Cross blood and time donations, clothing and toys to our local womens' and children's shelter, and keeping the kitties and puppies at the shelter fed and cared for.

You're an angel for doing all this--you really are. :D
What a cool idea!

I will donate a bunch of stuff I no longer need to Goodwill before I move next month, but hey, I was planning on doing that anyway, so it doesn't count. :-)

So I will also volunteer some time to a local ecological restoration or cleanup project - not sure which yet, but I'll find out what's out there and pick something. But I was also kind of planning on doing that anyway.

So in addition to both of the above, when I finally get around to listing the contents of my overflowing BPAL swap box and making a new swap/sale post, I will also offer to make up three little imp packs for BPAL newbies, who people who read the post can nominate anyone they like to receive.

Oh, and a joke. Specifically, a joke for science geeks:

A neutron walks into a bar and says "How much for a drink?"

And the bartender replies "For you, no charge!"

And a bonus joke, closely related to the above:

Two atoms are walking out of the same bar, when one of them says "Hey, I think I left an electron in there!"

The other asks "Are you sure?"

And the first atom replies "Yeah, I'm positive!"

Oh, and as you know, I'm in Canada.

Pay It Forward!

I'm in the USA.

I read the book Pay It Forward, so, in keeping with the original Pay It Forward notion, if I win, I plan to do three things! 1) Give blood, 2)donate $10 to the local Human Society, and 3) a bunch of smaller random acts of kindness such as holding the door for someone, letting someone go before me at a stop sign, smiling at someone just because, and giving shoulder massages to the people around me who need it (if they want me to, of course!)

And, here's your joke to cheer you up:
A woman is having an affair with the pest exterminator when her husband comes home from work early. "Quick," she tells the exterminator, "hide in the closet!" Well, the poor man runs into the closet just as fast as he can, without enough time to even put on his clothes. Just then, the husband comes into the bedroom. Seeing his wife in bed, the man becomes suspicious. After a long, hard gaze at his wife, he crosses to the closet and throws the door open with a BANG! The husband sees the exterminator standing there, looks him over and asks, "Who are you?"
The exterminator quickly replies, "I'm an exterminator, here to see about a moth infestation."
The Husband raises an eyebrow and then asks, "Oh, yeah? Where are your clothes?"
The exterminator looks down, and with surprise comments, "Those bastards!

Hope that helps! Thanks!
Yay! Another one! :D This is the best idea...

I'm in the US, and I'll do a couple of things:
1)Enable a non-BPAL'ed friend to the wonder of BPAL -- a couple of imp-packs and such.
2)Donate (more) clothes to a shop that donates money to animal shelters.
3)Support my local buskers. :)

PIF 2.0!

I go to college, so there's always charities that need time and money. I think Hillel is doing somehting for Mother's Day to benefit women, which I can pledge my money and/or time to, and anything else that happens to pop up around.

As for a joke, I'll give you one my younger sister made up. It's kind of absurd, but I like it.

Q: What's 72 pounds and doesn't say a word?

A: A 72 pound tomato!

*smile* This is a very sweet thing to do.

I'll donate money both to the local food bank and to Second Chance, one of our no kill animal shelters.

I would love to give some of my less loved imps to good homes. Anyone I know who's into smellies already are into BPAL!

*waves* In the US, here. :D

I'm in the process of spring cleaning right now, with the hopes of having a yard sale. Any profit I make will be donated to Habitat for Humanity, and whatever I don't sell I will donate to the Salvation Army. :]

Joke time!
Q: Why was the skeleton playing the piano?
A: ...because he didn't have any organs!


You are the sweetest girl :)

I pif by sending newbies extras or offering newbies free packages (with free testers/free shipping) when they first start trying bpal and get overwhelmed and will continue to do so in the future :)

Q: How do you catch a polar bear?

.........(the suspense is just killing you, I know....

.....hehe...ok, yes I'm done :P

A: First, you cut a large, round hole in the ice. Next, you place enough peas around the hole to completely surround the hole.

Then, when the polar bear comes to take a pea, you kick him into the ice hole.

Thanks cutie :)
You are awesome for doing this!

I live in Singapore and I will enable some friends to the world of bpal! ^^
OOoh!!! I can't believe I missed the last one.
I'm in the US
How I pay it forward, regardless of whether I win or not:
I volunteer at a locak soup kitchen about 6-8 times a year (not just on holidays)
I tutor some of my fellow students in math class who are hopelessly behind
I give blood
I donate time at the local humane society too
I gift (burden) my neighbors with free homebaked goodies regularly, heck send me your address and I'll send you something :)

Silly Joke (following the elephant theme):
What's big and grey and protects you from the rain?

An umbrellaphant!

Yay, another round! If I win I'll donate to amfAR. I'll also put up a couple of newbie packs, with decorated imp boxes for them to travel in.

I don't know if it is amusing, but it made me smile so...

Two muffins were baking in the oven.
The first muffin says, "man it's hot in here"
The second muffin says, "Holy crap a talking muffin!"
I'd like to be entered, please! Very cool idea. Let's see. I'll donate to the Humane Society when I get money next month. I'll also steal an above poster's idea and mail care packages to a few folks who could use it.


oh, I forgot a joke!

There's these 3 moles, a Papa mole, Mama mole and Baby mole. They hibernate all winter in their den. On the first day of spring they have to crawl through the long, narrow tunnel to the surface in single file, one in front of the other. They are very hungry from hibernating all winter.

Papa mole: I'm so hungry I can smell eggs!
Mama mole: I'm so hungry I can smell bacon!
Baby mole: You guys are lucky! All I can smell is molasses!!!
Hi! I'm in New Zealand
I'm joining the Green party here (yay for living in a country where the Greens have a voice in parliament!)
I'll volunteer for a week on Tiritiri Matangi (an open Scientific Reserve island)
I'll donate to the Royal Forest & Bird Society of NZ
I'll donate my old clothes to the City Mission
I'll convert some friends to BPAL with my growing pile of imps
and I'll donate blood.
Hooray! Another NZ BPALer :)
Same as ajalou - I'm not going to enter, since I won something last time. Great idea though!! ;o)
UPDATE! My imps arrived this morning :o) Hurrah! Thanks so much, I had great fun sniffing my way through the afternoon...

I'm currently plotting how best to PIF in the BPAL stakes...have already cooked the meal for the housemates and am booked in to donate blood next week. Am v. scared!! ;o)
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